Leak Detection services in Frisco, TXSewer main lines clogs can be caused by any number of things, including:

  • Debris that has accumulated in the main line: This can be caused by toilet paper, hair, soap scum, and other foreign objects entering the drains and building up in the main line.
  • Tree root infiltration: When tree roots grow into cracked or vulnerable main lines, they can create a blockage that stops the proper flow of wastewater through the line.
  • Misaligned main lines: When sections of the sewer line are not correctly lined up with each other, dirt can enter the line and cause blockages.
  • Sagging sewer lines: When sections of a main line start to sag or “belly,” they can cause wastewater and debris to accumulate in the lowest part of the sagging area. That may prevent the wastewater from being able to make its way back up again to continue moving through the higher sections of the line. Anything from sinkholes to soil shifting can cause sewer lines to sag.



Sewer line clogs in Frisco will raise a lot of red flags, especially as the blockage gets bigger and less wastewater is able to pass it. Some warning signs of a main line clog include:

  • Gurgling toilets or drains
  • Bubbling water in toilets
  • Toilets and drains that frequently clog
  • Wastewater backups in the sewer cleanout pipe
  • Backups in multiple drains and in lower areas of a home (like in the basement)
  • Problems with one plumbing fixture when or after using another (like backups in the shower after flushing the toilet)

If you’re in Frisco, TX and experiencing these or other plumbing problems, don’t try to pour a sewer line cleaner or a main line cleaner down your drains—these cleaners can cause more damage and problems! Instead, contact Frisco Plumbing Leak Detection. We’ll respond quickly, using our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to determine:

  • What is causing your main line clog
  • Where your main line clog is located
  • Your best options for removing the clog and restoring your plumbing system

Whether your sewer line keeps backing up or it’s time for main drain cleaning services, you can count on us, Frisco Plumbing Leak Detection, to get the job done efficiently and correctly the first time!


The best way to unclog a blocked main line varies, depending on:

  • The exact issue that’s causing the clog
  • Where the clog is located
  • The age and condition of the main line

To figure out these details, Frisco Plumbing Leak Detection commonly uses sewer line cameras to inspect the underground lines and see exactly what’s causing the blockage.

Depending on what we find, we may do any of the following to clear a main line clog:

  • Augering: This can be an option when the main line is not damaged and the clog has been caused by debris entering the plumbing system.
  • Main drain cleaning: If clogs have built up in the main drain, main drain cleaning may be the answer to restoring the flow of wastewater through the sewer line.
  • Main line repair: When misalignments or minor damage to the main line is causing clogs, repairing the sewer line may be the best solution.
  • Main line replacement: When blockages have been caused or worsened by main line damage (from tree roots, sagging, or other factors), it may be necessary to replace the sewer line.